What you need to know about the new “Vintage Instagram” feature

The latest Instagram-inspired photos can be found on a new “vintage Instagram”-style feature in Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app.

The feature, which debuted Monday, adds vintage Instagram images to Instagram Stories and lets you post them with the hashtag #trends.

If you choose to tag the images, you can include a hashtag to indicate how you feel about them.

“We wanted to do something that really captures the essence of the vintage Instagram experience,” said Ryan G. Gannon, the chief product officer at Instagram.

“It really lets you know what kind of story you’re creating, and it makes it easy to share the photos and get more exposure for the stories you’re trying to tell.”

Gannon added that the Instagram team has spent the last few months working on the feature, and that it will be available to the public on September 9.

The feature will only work on Instagram Stories that are currently in beta.

“The reason we’ve been able to create this is that we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from people who have had success with the feature,” he said.

“A lot of people have told us that they really liked how the new Instagram Stories look, how it makes their lives easier and how easy it is to share photos with their friends.

We want to make it easier for people to share their stories and get the exposure that they deserve.”


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