How to turn your iPhone into a photo-sharing app in just 30 seconds

The next big thing is a new app called Next BigFuture that will be available to Apple users later this year.

This is the company’s attempt to take on Snapchat, which has been making the rounds for years but has always been the subject of controversy due to its controversial business model.

That said, Next Big is not without its faults.

Unlike Snapchat, it is still under the control of a handful of major players who are largely dependent on the iPhone’s hardware.

The app is not compatible with iOS 11, the latest version of the operating system, and has been criticized for not providing a simple and convenient interface for sharing photos.

Instead, users will need to connect to their own iPhone to get started.

Users can download the app and the interface itself for free, but the price is a bit steep.

At $1.99, Next Bad Future is priced similarly to Snapchat.

This will be a $10 price tag for an iPhone 5s, which means the new app is a bargain compared to its rivals.

The new app also comes with a “free” upgrade, but it will not include the “photos” feature that is typically found in other Snapchat-like apps.

Users will need a paid app subscription in order to take advantage of this feature.

Once a user installs the app, the user is presented with the app’s settings menu.

Users select the photo they want to share, then select “Show photos.”

Next Big has two main features that will allow users to share their photos with each other: the ability to upload new photos, and the ability for the user to “lose” photos from their collection.

The ability to “share” photos is not the only way to “save” photos.

Users have also been able to share them with friends by tapping the “likes” button next to the photo and then pressing the “share button.”

The ability for users to “loose” their photos is another way to access the app.

A user can “losing” a photo is when they remove the photo from their camera roll and then return it to their phone.

The “loses” option in the settings menu will take the photo out of your camera roll, but users will still be able to access their photos.

A third feature that has been made available is the ability that Next Big offers for users who want to “remove” photos, such as deleting them from the camera roll.

This feature, which will not be included in the app for now, is designed to make it easy for users of other social media services to remove photos from users’ devices.

Users should be aware that the ability is only available to those with an iPhone and will be removed in a future update.

Another feature that was added to the app this week is the “locker” feature, a feature that allows users to easily keep their photos safe from others.

Users are also able to delete photos from the photo gallery.

The locking feature was added in an update to the Next Big app this year, but this is the first time that it has been implemented on an iPhone app.

It is the same feature that’s been available on Snapchat since its inception.

Users simply tap the “delete” button and then a list of photos will be created in the camera, where they can then be removed.

Next Big also has a “lockdown” feature in which photos will only be available for 24 hours.

The lockdown will only take effect if a user requests the feature.

The lockscreen will be replaced by a list that shows all of the photos stored on the device.

A new feature that users can turn on will allow the user “to view all of their pictures.”

Once this feature is enabled, users can see the “album,” “friends,” and “recent photos” tabs.

This allows users access to the photos on the photo album as well as the albums on other services, like Instagram.

Users also have the option to send their photos directly to other users on the service.

If the user chooses to send photos to friends, they can also “lock down” the photos in the photo queue to a specific time and place, and then the user will only receive photos from those friends that they have confirmed are “liked.”

A feature that makes the app even more interesting is the location-sharing feature.

Users who are located in specific areas can now add their own private photos to the album.

Users could also upload their own “private photos” and then “lock” those photos to a designated location.

Users then have the opportunity to share the photos, or delete them entirely.

Users now have the ability “to share pictures with friends and family.”

The feature has been added to Next Big in a new version, and users will be able share their own photos from any location in the world.

Users with a location-based service will be allowed to share photos from other locations, which is another nice touch.

The photo-sorting features are also being expanded. Users


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