Which photo-sharing site can you trust?

The image-sharing giant Instagram is getting ready to open up its first self-service photo sharing site, the company announced on Wednesday.

The new service, called Instagram Plus, will launch in a few weeks.

“We want Instagram to be the next Facebook, Google, and Amazon, not the next Snapdeal,” the company wrote in a blog post announcing the new service.

“Instagram Plus is the first photo- and video-sharing platform where you can get instant access to your photos without having to enter your name or email.”

The service will offer a variety of photo sharing options, including photo editing, sharing, and video playback.

The service also offers photo sharing on desktop and mobile, and it will have support for the new Instagram photo app, which was released earlier this month.

“Instagram’s mission is to make sharing and sharing easy, but Instagram Plus is a big step forward,” Instagram cofounder and CEO Kevin Systrom wrote.

“Our users love Instagram, and they’re looking for new ways to connect with their friends.

We’re excited to be part of the Instagram family.”

Instagram’s Instagram Plus service will work in the same way as Facebook’s Photos app, but it will offer more features, including a photo search, automatic tagging, and photo and video editing.

Instagram is expected to launch in early 2017.

The company will be rolling out additional features to Instagram Plus as it becomes available.

The news comes just days after Instagram announced it was launching its own photo app called Photos, which will be available in the coming weeks.


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