Boudoir Photographer of the Year 2018

Photojournalist Boudoum Bouzara is a photographer with the International Boudroom Association (IBBA).

Boudoux Bouzamara is a member of the IBBA and the photographer of the year in the 2019 edition of the award.

The award is given annually to a photographer who demonstrates excellence in their work and creates lasting, unique images for their communities.

Boudoux’s work has been exhibited in over 30 countries and has received numerous international awards, including the European Society of Professional Photographers (ESPPJ), the International Photographic Society (IPPS), the Royal Photographic Association (RPA), and the Photographic Art Society of America (PASA).

Boudou’s work focuses on the lives of the people of Africa.

He focuses on capturing the lives and the cultures of Africans through his photography, which focuses on a wide range of subjects, from the daily lives of people in rural and urban areas, to the lives in cities and the urban centers of Africa, to rural areas in Central Africa and South Africa.

In 2018, Boudoudoux won the ESPJ’s Photojournalism of the Month award for the pictures he took in Burkina Faso.

He has also won the EPSJ’s Photographic Arts award for his work in Senegal and the ESPJ’s International Photography Society (IPS) International Photographers of the Week award for work in Burkine Faso and Mauritania.

Boussoula Boudougala is a Cameroonian photographer who has photographed people, places, and events in Cameroon since 2011.

Boussouls photos are part of his work of the African diaspora.

Boudous is currently completing a Masters degree in African studies and photography at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has since graduated from the University College in London.

In 2014, Bousasoula won the first ever international award for photojournalism for his photojournalistic work of a large-scale project of a construction site in Cameroon.

Bounousa has also been awarded the African Photographers Association’s (APA) Image of the Day award in the field of African photography for his image of a wedding in Cameroon in 2014.

Boulousa Bousoum has photographed African diads, and is currently focusing on documenting the lives, culture, and stories of Africans in Cameroon and the Ivory Coast.

Bounouss work in Cameroon has been featured in numerous publications and was also featured in the popular magazine “Chile, the West, and the People,” a feature film in the United Kingdom, and on several television shows.

Bouzoula Bouzoulia is a photojournalist with the IBSA and a member at the International Photojournalistic Society (ISPS) in the European Union.

Bouzouls most recent work has focused on the people in Cameroon, with the publication of his second book, “Icarus of Cameroon: The Stories of the People.”

Boudoou M. Bouzoum is a South African photographer, writer, and artist who has been shooting in Cameroon for over 30 years.

In 2018, Bouzouss most recent book was titled “Loving the People of Cameroon.”

Boulos latest book, Icarus, was published in 2018 by Penguin Books.



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