How a Wal-Mart worker’s passport photo turned into a Walmart passport photo

The story of a worker’s photo turned a Walmart employee’s passport into a passport photo.

Walmart employees and their families have had to fight for years for a photo of the family members who lost their lives in the shooting at their store in Texas.

In November 2015, the family of an employee, Robert Lewis, wrote to Walmart in response to the shooting, which killed seven people.

He wrote, “Robert was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and grandfather’s grandson.”

Walmart responded to that family with a photo.

The photo showed the family holding a baby boy in their arms.

But the family was outraged.

“Walmart is not responsible for the image you have in your photo, nor is Walmart,” said a Walmart spokesperson in a statement.

“Our staff are trained and are equipped with the most advanced technology available to determine the exact source of any images used on their merchandise.”

After weeks of back and forth, the company finally gave in.

“We are currently in the process of replacing the image and will be doing so in a matter of days,” the statement read.

That photo, taken by a Walmart security camera, became a Walmart photo.

That photo, used in other states, became an ISIS passport.

And in April 2017, Walmart announced that it was pulling its own passport photos from the internet.

The company also released a statement saying that it “takes its security and privacy obligations very seriously.”

But not everyone is happy with the decision.

In a Facebook post on Friday, a Walmart worker who works at a Walmart warehouse in Texas said the company “has put their personal interests ahead of the safety and well-being of their associates.”

He wrote,Walmart has put their private interests ahead with the images used in their online store.

I am deeply disappointed that they chose to take this course of action.

Walmart should have been upfront about their actions.

They should have provided information to employees about how they are using our website to protect our associates.

They should have contacted their customers directly to let them know that they are taking these actions and that we will be contacting their families.

We are taking the time to educate our associates and customers about the impact of our website’s security policies and the policies that apply to all of our associates, including our associates in Texas and across the country.

This is unacceptable and we will continue to work closely with our security team to ensure that our associates’ safety is always our highest priority.

And Walmart will no longer be using the image of a man holding a child as their passport photo, according to The Associated Press.


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