How to tell the difference between a new pair of shoes and a new wardrobe

The term “fashionably old” might not be as well-known to most people as the word “fashionable”, but it’s a label that can be applied to anything from the latest pair of jeans to the newest pair of sneakers.

It may not be a term that many would expect to come up with, but it does mean something when applied to a person’s wardrobe, or at least the clothes that they wear on a daily basis.

But what exactly is a “fashionually old” pair of pants or a “retrofitting wardrobe”?

What are the differences between a pair of boots and a pair, and what should you be looking for in your wardrobe?

To help answer these questions, I spoke to three experts who work with people of all ages, races and genders in order to understand the difference.

I’ve put together a quick guide that you can use to help you figure out which shoes to look for, which outfits to pick up, and which ones to ditch if they don’t suit you.

For more fashion tips, check out the following stories:If you’re interested in seeing some of these experts’ work, head over to the official site of the fashion experts group at Fashion Experts UK, where you can get a closer look at the latest and greatest from the fashion world.


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