How the Supreme Court got its picture caption policy

How the justices came up with the new law that governs how Americans use their smartphones.

Read moreThe new photo captioning law, signed by President Trump, will make it easier for citizens to print out a photo or a caption for their tweets.

Under the law, a tweet can include an image, text, or both.

The text must be bold, readable, and legible, and must not be “disparaging, abusive, or threatening” in any way.

The law does not affect the traditional image captioning rules, such as whether an image must be a picture of a person, a picture that can be captioned to a video, or an image that can only be captioning to a picture.

Under the new photo captions, it will be up to the sender and recipient of a tweet to decide whether the text should be bold or readable.

For example, the president can caption a tweet that reads, “Today, the Supreme Courts ruling on the health care law is great news for millions of Americans.”

The sender could decide that the text is too hard to read or the caption should be plain.

The new law also allows for more flexibility when it comes to captioning photos of people.

A person who sends a tweet with a picture captioned “My wife is pregnant,” for example, can choose to use that caption instead of a picture, while the person sending the tweet can choose whether to caption the captioned picture.

But the new rules also do not require a sender to put up the text for a tweet before a recipient can send it.

“We think it’s important that people understand the consequences of using the social media platform, and that it is up to recipients to decide how they want to use it,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters at the White House on Monday.

In its announcement, the White Houses office of the director of the Federal Register, Katherine B. Bohn, said the new captioning rule would “make it easier” for people to tweet and send photos of their loved ones.

The rule is part of a broader effort to expand the reach of the social networks in the public interest.

While the Trump administration initially pushed for the rule to apply only to tweets, it has since expanded the rule by requiring Twitter users to include a photo caption in every tweet they send.

The rule also applies to other online platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

But Twitter’s new rule also expands the definition of a photo to include an electronic photo.

The Trump administration said it has also expanded the rules to include images of people with disabilities, and it said it will soon include captioning images for tweets that include photos of deaf people, people with cerebral palsy, and people with other medical conditions.

“This rule will help the many millions of people who have their daily photos taken and shared online by giving them greater freedom in the ways they share and use their images,” the Whitehouse said in its announcement.

It also includes a few caveats for people who choose not to include captioned photos in their tweets, including that they must not use the caption for any other purpose than for the caption itself, and they must also not be defamatory.

Some legal experts have argued that it’s difficult to determine whether a tweet containing the caption violates the law.

As part of the new rule, the Federal Trade Commission will begin issuing guidance on captioning, and the Federal Communications Commission is planning to add more rules for captioning on Twitter and other social media sites.

White House press secretaries Sarah Huckabee Clinton, Josh Earnest, and Sarah Sanders did not respond to requests for comment.


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