Photo editing app for girls

Photo editing software is getting a boost as young girls are turning to it for their photo projects, with the iPhone’s new Instagram app adding support for editing photos on the site.

The new version of the photo editing app includes a new feature called photo grid, which allows users to set up a grid of photos and edit them with ease, and a new photo filter, Photo Essay, which lets users create and edit photos in the image editor.

It’s an extension of the existing photo editor feature, which was launched earlier this year and allows users and their editors to create a photo portfolio.

It’s also the first photo editing application to support iOS 9.1.

In a blog post on Instagram, the company said that Photo Essays “offer new ways for you to create, edit and share your photos, from a variety of photo formats and settings”.

“Now you can take photos in your own photo editor with the click of a button, create custom filters, create beautiful portfolios, and more,” it added.

“You can even use Instagram as a standalone photo editor to create beautiful, high-quality photo collages and photos that can be shared with your family and friends.”

The app will also let users upload and edit their own pictures.

It is currently available in the US, UK and Canada.

The app is available on the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPad Air and iPad mini 3.


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