How the world’s first fully autonomous flying car became a reality

An autonomous flying robot is on the way to becoming a reality.

A team led by Google has launched the project to build a prototype of its flying car, the TALON, which could soon be on the road.

The first commercial flying car is due to be delivered to Google in 2021.

The car has an autonomous driving capability and will take off and land using a combination of the car’s own power and human control.

“It’s the first flying car that will actually be fully autonomous,” said Jia Yueting, the head of Google’s self-driving project.

“So it’s going to be very exciting.”

Google’s flying car concept has a range of speeds and speeds of up to 120mph.

The TALOR will have four wheels and a large wing to help it navigate through tight airspace.

The robot has the ability to take off from a height of 15 metres and land vertically.

The flying car will be able to navigate itself in a “smart air traffic” environment, avoiding collisions with other vehicles.

The technology will be used by Google to test out the system’s autonomous driving capabilities.

In the future, the flying car could be used in areas with extreme weather conditions, such as in the Himalayas or in remote regions where there are no roads.

The company is also working on an airship that would be able, for example, take off with just a single person, and land in the desert.

The concept is expected to be ready for testing in 2021 and will have the ability “to reach speeds of more than 150mph”.

This could help the TALEON reach speeds up to 150mph and even be able go up to 60mph.

A few other cars are also on the drawing board, such a flying bike, a flying plane, a hover car and a flying submarine.

The project has been funded by Google, the Australian Federal Government and the European Commission.

Google’s TALOS project is a partnership between Google and a consortium of European and Asian countries, led by China’s state-owned CITIC.

The consortium includes governments, the private sector and universities.

Google has invested heavily in developing autonomous vehicles, and the company has been developing a flying car for a number of years.

It’s hoped the Taleon will lead to new kinds of transportation.

“We’re building a flying vehicle to provide a way to get around the world safely and affordably,” said Mr Yueting.

“This will also be a way for us to improve our understanding of the human brain, which is what is driving our technological progress.”

The project is being led by engineers at Google’s Autonomous Driving Lab.

Google was awarded the contract to build the Talos in 2012 and in 2017 it successfully flew its first flight.

The program has also been given permission by Australia’s Department of Transport to use the project as a demonstration vehicle.

“Google is excited to have secured this contract from the Australian Government, which will help us deliver on our promise of making a real difference to people’s lives,” said David Goss, Google’s director of autonomous vehicles.

“These flying cars are an important first step towards making a fully autonomous system a reality.”

Google will have to take on a further 10,000 hours of development work to bring the Taleson to the market, and there are many technical challenges to overcome.

However, Google says it will be ready by 2021.

“The flying car project is the latest step in our journey to build an autonomous, fully self-flying, and fully autonomous transportation system that can take us to new heights in our quest to connect people around the globe,” said Dr Yueting in a statement.

Google is also hoping to have its flying cars used by airlines in the future.

Google will also test the flying cars in China and the United Arab Emirates.


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