Why is this post so NSFW?

This is the second article in a series about why this photo of a man with his penis in his mouth has me so confused.

I don’t know if I’m going to get used to this new trend or not.

But, I can understand why some people might not want to see this.

It’s not just a guy’s penis in the mouth.

A man’s penis is everywhere in a woman’s body.

You see it everywhere in women’s bodies.

And you see it in this picture of a dude holding his penis above his mouth.

Why is it so controversial?

Well, I think it’s because this is the kind of thing I would see on TV.

But that’s not how I see it.

I don-t think I’d watch a TV show where a guy with his genitals in his face is shown with a gag in his hand.

The reason I see this is because I think that the image is offensive.

I think men and boys are portrayed as sexual objects and I don’t think that is acceptable.

Some people say, “Oh, he’s just having fun!”

But if a man holds his penis and mouth in front of a camera and makes jokes, I am not going to watch that.

I’m not going.

This is not a joke.

This is an insult.

This is a woman who doesn’t want to have sex with a man who has a penis in her mouth.

I am very concerned about this photo.

Here’s why:It is not okay to show a man’s genitals in a sexual way.

That’s why I think this is offensive and it should not be shown on TV or printed in magazines.

I do not think men should be shown showing their penis in a sexually inappropriate way.

It’s very disrespectful.

In this picture, I would be much less upset if a woman had a penis or a man had a mouth.

It is not their place to do that.

But it is a man that is holding his genitals and mouth and doing a gag.

It makes me uncomfortable.

I don- t think that a man should be putting his penis between a woman and her mouth when he is playing a game of sports or something.

The idea of a guy being able to put his penis behind his ear is gross and it is not appropriate.

There is a whole different level of sexual harassment that happens with women who are in positions of power and privilege.

There are things like wearing makeup and putting on make-up to be more sexy, and they are not acceptable.

This photo is not funny.

It- is a misogynistic depiction of men and women.

And I- think it- is offensive, disrespectful and disgusting.


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