‘I Love You, Daddy’: The Best Moments from the 2017 Oscars

A special feature on the 2017 Academy Awards: the best moments of the night.

We asked our expert panel of writers to share their favorite moments from the night, from the award shows to the ceremony itself.

The first and most notable moment of the show came from the Oscar hosts, when they announced the nominees for the best picture and best actress categories.

It was the first time in almost a decade that a single actor won both categories.

This is how the best actress category will go.

For the first two weeks of the ceremony, everyone had to watch as nominees were announced.

They were announced in the same room.

It looked like a real press conference.

“I love you, daddy,” the Academy Award winner, Mia Wasikowska, said at the very end of the awards show.

It’s hard to tell how long it took for the cameras to zoom out of the room and reveal the stunned audience.

This was the last moment of acceptance speech, and we were all so relieved that Mia was able to deliver that line, but then we had to wait for the next batch of nominees.

When the ceremony ended, the awards went to the first female nominee, Emma Stone.

Emma Stone won Best Actress for her performance in The Artist at the Apartment, and for her role in The Big Short, which is about the collapse of a small bank.

It is a rare win for Stone, a movie star with some big box office prospects.

Then the ceremony was over.

The ceremony was a big, big moment for the actors, and the actors had to deliver their acceptance speeches.

Emma Stone was given a standing ovation.

And then the Oscar nominees came out and said their goodbyes.

Emma was the star of her own movie, but she won best actress in a supporting role.

I mean, she literally just walked out of that room.

She was very emotional, and her face was a little red.

She gave a long speech about how she was really honored to be nominated for this movie.

She had to leave the stage and her body was in a lot of pain.

So, yeah, that was the emotional moment of that night, for sure.

Emma, I was so thrilled.

That’s a real, honest moment for an actor to say goodbye.

And I’m so proud of her.

I was really happy to see her, too.

It feels like the Oscars are a big part of her life.

Next up, Emma, she got the best supporting actress award for playing a college student, Sarah Paulson.

This is not the first nomination for Paulson, who won the best lead actress Oscar in 2014 for her turn in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

But she was the only one nominated for the role of a female college student.

Her performance is one of the best in a movie that is still a movie.

Emma has an extraordinary range.

And she does a very beautiful job portraying Sarah Paul, who was the best thing about that film.

She was just so beautifully given to that role.

But also, she’s very well-known for her roles in the movies The Help and The Martian.

So I was just really happy that she got that nomination.

I’m going to say I was very happy that I got that.

And it was really wonderful to see Emma take that moment.

And when she’s done with that, she’ll go into another career.

She’ll be an actress, which she is, but I think she’s more interested in acting.

But then, for her final acceptance speech before the ceremony started, Emma gave a tearful speech about what a privilege it was to be a part of this movie and what an honor it was for me to be in it.

And so I just hope that the next one will be even better.

As the ceremony continued, it became obvious that the nominees were going to be really tight.

But there was no shortage of surprises.

The cast of “The Martian” was nominated for best supporting actor for their portrayal of astronaut Alex Landau, and it was a bit surprising that the actor playing the Martian, Ryan Gosling, was nominated.

Gosling plays the part of Landau in the movie.

He was nominated first, for his performance in “Gravity,” and it’s the first movie where the director and producer were nominated.

He was nominated last, for “The Imitation Game,” which is based on the bestseller of the same name.

But it was unexpected that the film had been nominated for supporting actor.

I had to tell the people that it’s really exciting to be part of a movie with an actor that we really admire and admire in a way that he has never been a part-time actor.

And we’re all very proud of him for that.

And then there was the surprise that came from a different source. It turns


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