The Most Popular Words in Reddit

The words “fascism” and “federalism” have been the top-ranked terms in Reddit’s top 20 most popular subreddits.

According to a study conducted by Vocativ, the word “fascist” is the most popular word in Reddit today, ranking #1 among the top 20 subreddits.

“Fascism,” which stands for “the movement to secure political and social power for the powerful through violence and intimidation,” was the most used word in all of Reddit’s subreddits, with over 10 million users.

According the study, “fASCism” is also the second most popular term among Reddit’s subs, behind only “libertarianism.”

“FASCISM” is so popular in Reddit that its users have even posted memes that compare it to Nazism, with the meme “Nazi Fascist” being the most successful one.

Other memes include “Nazi fascist” and the popular “Trump Fascist.”

“Nazi Fascists” were a popular meme on Reddit back in 2016, when they were using the term “faggot” to describe someone who was not conservative.

The term was widely mocked at the time, and was later changed to “fag.”

Reddit users were also more likely to post memes about “fashy” celebrities, including Kate Upton and Lindsay Lohan, who were not conservatives.

The study, which was conducted by the data analytics firm Dataviz, surveyed over 10,000 users across Reddit, the largest online community in the world.

“Our goal was to understand the evolution of the word fascism in the Reddit community,” Datavise’s Matt Dye, who was part of the research team, said in a statement.

“Using data from the thousands of active Reddit users who participated in our survey, we can begin to understand how the word has evolved in the context of Reddit.”


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