How to get rid of scary photos

Get rid of all the creepy photos from your photos folder.

It’s time to start removing photos from photos.

We’ve already mentioned it on our sister site, The New York Times, which has a comprehensive guide to the best and worst photos from each social network.

But for photos of the actual event, like wedding guests, we have a whole section dedicated to those.

Here’s how.1.

Create a folder on your device for photos.2.

Launch Photos app, tap photos.3.

Tap the + icon.4.

Tap Save.5.

When the file is saved, tap Done.

The app will create a folder in your Photos folder.

If you want to add photos from a photo album to the photo folder, tap Add Album.

Once it’s done, tap Save.

If you’ve already created a folder for photos, tap the + button and select it to open it.

If not, tap it again to open the new folder.

Once you have a folder, you can choose any photo in the new file to open in Photos.

You can also edit your photos.

Just tap Edit in Photos to open a new photo.

You can also drag and drop photos from the Photos app into the new photo to edit them.

You’ll be able to choose to crop and rotate photos, but they won’t show in Photos yet.

When you open a photo in Photos, you’ll see the photo’s title and description.

This can be anything, but we’re assuming it’s a wedding or family photo.

You also can tap a photo’s icon in the top right corner of the photo to see its title.

If it has a title and caption, that’s a scary photo.

Tap a photo icon in photos to see the description.

If there’s no description, that means there’s a title, too.

If there’s an image, tap an image in the middle of the picture to open its metadata.

This list of photos includes title, date, and the photo.

Tap any of the photos to open their metadata.

If you see the title, you’ve clicked on a scary picture.

Tap on a photo to open some information about it.

Tap a title to see a list of the pictures in the photo and what they’ve captioned it with.

You may also see a thumbnail of the image if you’re using a third-party app.

If the thumbnail isn’t loading, tap Back.

Tap on the photo you want from the photo album.

If everything’s working, you should see a warning message saying that you have too many photos.

Tap OK to close out of Photos.

If nothing’s working or the warning message doesn’t disappear, you may need to turn off notifications.

You can remove photos from Photos without having to open them from the app.

But the app doesn’t automatically delete them when you delete a photo from your phone.

How to remove photos without having them open from Photos:Tap the app icon and tap Photos from the home screen.

From the Photos screen, tap Edit.

Tap the + symbol.

Tap Save.

Tap Done.

When the file has been saved, the app will open a folder that looks like this: If the folder doesn’t exist yet, you need to create one.

From the Home screen, swipe left to access the Photos folder you created earlier.

Tap Photos.

Select the folder you just created.

Tap Add Album .

You will see a dialog asking you whether you want the photos added to the album.

Tap Yes.

If the dialog doesn’t appear, you don’t have enough space in the Photos album for the photos you want.

Tap Delete.

To delete photos from Pictures, tap Delete.

Tap OK to delete the photos from all your photos folders.

If all the photos in your photo album aren’t showing in Photos after you delete them, it’s because the app can’t delete them.


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