The Real World and Its Surprising Relationship to Glass Source MTV News

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Gwen Stefani had a bit of a rough year with the new glass barrier separating the ladies’ private areas.

Gwen Stefanis recent run of the house has come under fire after it was revealed she had her windows smashed while filming her reality show.

However, it turns out that Stefani didn’t even know the new barrier was coming as the show’s producer and the director, Andy LaChance, were the ones who designed it.

“I did not know that we had to install a glass barrier in our home,” Stefani said.

“Andy said, ‘We need this because you guys are the Real Housewomen and you’re the first ones who are going to be able to enter the house and we want you to be as cool as you can be because this is your first day.'”

It was not just Stefani who was having issues with the barrier, though.

“It was Andy’s daughter who got her glass smashed,” Stefanians ex-husband, Ben DeLaurentis, said.

“She got a couple of shards and cracked a window, and I was like, ‘How can you do that to me?'”

In fact, the barrier came from a company called Teflon Glass.

“The company actually got ahold of a glass window for Gwen, so they got her a couple glass shards and a couple more shards and then they put it in the back of a van and went,” Stefany said.


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