Why you should buy a new passport, in pictures

If you’re wondering why you should pick up a new one, here are some good reasons: It’ll help you look good when you get home from work, it’ll give you a way to stay up-to-date on the latest news, and you can even keep it updated on the spot as you travel.

But it’s also a great way to show off your passport photos, because there’s always something to share.

Here are a few photos you might find useful when deciding what to buy.1.

A passport selfie photo of yourself and your family from the back.2.

A family photo taken at a beach on the Caribbean island of St. Martin.3.

A sunset on the shores of Cape Town.4.

A beach photo taken in the city of Amsterdam.5.

A shot of the sea in the Atlantic Ocean.6.

An image taken on the streets of Mumbai.7.

A photograph of a group of people in a nightclub in New York City.8.

A close up of a child’s face as they sing along to their favorite music in the Bahamas.9.

A group of children in a classroom in the US.10.

A picture of a couple of kids playing together on the beach.11.

A selfie taken with a dog.12.

A view of a tree as it grows on the other side of the street in Miami.13.

A look at a flower as it blooms on the street.14.

A woman with her husband and daughter enjoying a stroll in the sun.15.

A man taking a picture of himself while walking through a park.16.

A street scene in a crowded subway station.17.

A mother and son enjoying a hot cup of coffee.18.

A young couple playing volleyball.19.

A couple enjoying the sun on the deck of a boat in the Caribbean Sea.20.

A crowd of people enjoying a soccer match in the streets in Miami.(AP Photo/Joe Skipper)21.

A few people playing in a park in the Netherlands.22.

A sunbaked sea vernal peak.23.

A sea ernal peak in the Pacific Ocean.24.

A girl taking her dog for a walk in the sand in Venice.25.

A large crowd enjoying a sunset in a street in Istanbul.(AP photo/Paolo Gentile)26.

A little girl in her school uniform walking down the street.(AP)27.

A boy in a dress enjoying a walk on the lake in Barcelona.(Reuters: Joris Kudik)28.

A smiling boy in front of a giant fountain in Shanghai.(Reuters photo: Peter Macdiarmid)29.

A child playing in the garden in Venice.(Reuters photos: Giuseppe Garofalo)30.

A small girl playing in front the window of a house in London.(Reuters Photo: Joe Raedle)31.

A boat being lowered to the surface in the harbor of Hamburg.(Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch)32.

A baby girl enjoying the sunset at a seaside park in Dubai.(Reuters)33.

A schoolgirl enjoying a summer day in the beachfront seaside town of Nice.(Reuters Photos: David Ramos)34.

A father with his children playing in their yard in the town of Wurzburg, Germany.(Reuters News Agency: Markus Hahn)35.

A toddler playing in an abandoned car.(Reuters pictures: Alexander F. Yuan)36.

A car parked at a petrol station in the small town of Rhein-Main, Germany.37.

A photo of a family enjoying a swim in the Mediterranean.(Reuters images: Thomas Philipp)38.

A cat resting on a tree in a beach in Portugal.(Reuters Images: Fabrizio Barra)39.

A lady relaxing in front a swimming pool at a resort in the French resort of Cannes.(Reuters photograph: Manuel Garcia-Sastre)40.

A dog playing on the shore of Lake Baikal, Kazakhstan.(Reuters / Igor Sechin)41.

A fish swimming along the shoreline of Lake Balikote in Russia.(Reuters picture: Sergei Fedosenko)42.

A tiger cub in the wild in the mountains of Nepal.(Reuters image: Arjun Gopal)43.

A water-covered tiger at a park on the outskirts of Delhi.(Reuters Pictures: Anil Sharma)44.

A mountain lion in the forest in Mongolia.(Reuters pics: Aniruddh Thakur)45.

A river otter enjoying the sunrise on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.(Reuters : Samir Nair)46.

A bull in a bullring in Taipei, Taiwan.(Reuters : Lin Feng)47.

A tourist on the island of Bali.(Reuters-file photo)48.

A fisherman on the sea.(Reuters pic: Samir Anand)49.

A bird on a beach.(Reuters : Sam


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