When I get to be a woman, I want to be seen as a ‘good-looking’ woman, says author on her new book about being a woman in Hollywood

By Kunal Bahl Updated Mar. 13, 2019 09:07:59A new book by author Kunal Bhalla is out, titled ‘Good-Looking Woman: A Memoir’.

It tells the story of how Bhalla, who has struggled with body image issues and body-shaming, came up with the title.

The book is set in the ’90s, when many women were still not accepting of the fact that they could be ‘good looking’ or ‘beautiful’ according to Hollywood standards.

Bhat, who is currently a film-maker, says the main thing that drove her to write this book is ‘to get rid of the stigma that I experienced and start to embrace my body’.

It’s a book about how women in Hollywood, who were often viewed as ‘not attractive’ in the past, now believe they can be ‘beauty-obsessed’, said Bhalla in an interview with IANS.

The author also believes that the film industry should take note of how many women are coming forward with stories of their own.

“I want to tell my story, and that’s what this book was about,” she said.

“I wanted to tell it because I believe that in order to make change, we need to have women who are able to tell their own stories and their own truths.”

The author says she has received support from her fellow film stars, including Jennifer Garner and Kate Winslet.

“This book is an attempt to bring awareness to a world that I’ve been living in,” she added.

Bhalla was raised in a rural village in Bihar in Uttar Pradesh, India.

“In my early 20s, I felt like a lost girl,” she recalled.

She was attracted to the world of music, and later joined the Indian band The Misfits.

She made her debut with the band at age 17, in 1991, and went on to become a major hit with her songs.

Bhalla also says she had a “taste for film” in the early 1990s.

“It was the first time that I had ever been given a chance to make music in front of the camera,” she recalls.

“But I was not allowed to make any movies.

I was told that I would be working in the industry, but it was all part of a plan.”

She moved to Los Angeles to work on film, and worked as a cameraman on films like “The Manchurian Candidate”.

After the first ‘Manchurians’ were released, Bhalla went to London to work with the director Robert Zemeckis on a film called “The Woman Who Knew Too Much”.

Bhat said the director told her: ‘This is a beautiful woman.

You can’t say anything about her because she’s a woman.’

“But after a few years, he stopped seeing me.

He was too busy with other projects, and he didn’t see me anymore.

He told me that he was going to work for other people,” Bhalla said.”

Then he told me, ‘I will make this film, but if you don’t like it, I will just let you go.'””

I told him that if he wanted to make this movie, he should just make it.

And he told him, ‘Yes, I understand.’

But it was a different story altogether.

After a year of shooting in the UK, “The Girl Who Kied for Me” was released in the US in 1996.

It was the last film that Bhalla made with Zemekeckis, and she has since become a successful director herself.

Bhat says that her experiences of Hollywood’s body-image issues, including being a body-positive activist, have made her realise how much more powerful she is as a woman.”

There is no shame. “

There is nothing to hide.

There is no shame.

I’m not afraid to tell anyone.”


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