When Twitter’s new ‘likes’ feature was first rolled out, we had to wait for it to work

Hacker News article The launch of Twitter’s Likes feature is the latest in a series of changes that has seen the social media giant shift its focus from an algorithm-driven system to a system that people actually use.

The company first introduced the feature in 2015 as a way for users to share and recommend photos, but the feature only gained popularity with celebrities and celebrities themselves.

With the feature rolling out across its services today, the company is starting to roll it out to users as well.

Likes are an option for users that can be turned on by going into the Liking section of the Twitter app and clicking on the “Likes” tab.

This lets users see how many likes their photos have received, as well as the total number of likes they have received.

As part of the rollout, Twitter is adding a new feature called “Liked Places” that lets users quickly search for people they know, even if they don’t live nearby.

Users can now choose to show the location of people they’ve seen on Twitter.

While the feature is already available on Twitter, Twitter will roll out it across the rest of the company’s services as well starting next week.

The feature is available to users of all Twitter accounts and allows them to add friends and follow them even if the accounts are inactive.

Liked Places allows users to easily follow people who have been liked, which makes it possible to follow people whose friends are also liked.

Twitter is adding support for the feature for users who are logged into the company from a web browser and will continue to add more features to the platform as time goes on.

The social media company said it’s been working on adding Liked places for a while now and that it’s adding new features “as time goes forward”.

“This will enable users to discover people with whom they’ve already been following,” the company said in a blog post.

“This means that you’ll be able to easily discover new people, and find new places where you may be a little more likely to meet someone.”

It’s also a great way to get to know your friends and find them, whether they’re on Twitter or not.

We’re also adding a lot of new features to make finding people easier.

“Read more about Twitter and the news in the  Techcrunch blog.


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